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9 Months to 18 Months

In this program, our staff offers a caring and stimulating environment proposed to meet the needs of every child. We develop individual feeding schedules for each child, and also have a charting board for the parents to view at the end of the day.

The infants spend time both indoors and outdoors where they are encouraged to explore their world in a safe and loving environment.

Daily activities such as crafts, songs, games, and age appropriate educational toys all combine to provide the perfect atmosphere for growing minds and bodies.


19 to 36 months

Our toddler program prioritizes the physical and mental development of our children through constructive activities, dramatic play, artistic expression, and communal learning through circle time. Toddlers have the freedom to explore through guidance and social interactions in a safe, stimulating environment with both indoor and outdoor activities.

Our teachers are trained in working on behaviours for the timely development of our children such as teaching basic table manners, developing vocabulary, and improving social skills. We further include milestone checklists—individual children’s checklists that comment on their progress and development. Lastly, we provide a toilet training routine and daily charting system to assist parents. 

Following a busy morning that promotes the crucial development of social-emotional skills, children have an opportunity to rest and recuperate with nap time every afternoon. You can feel confident when choosing our Toddler program that your child is getting a healthy balance of play, art, physical activity, social interaction, behavioural development, and more. 

Preschool / Kindergarten Preparation

3 to 5 years

Our Young Adult program focuses on helping our children achieve timely milestones with their social, physical, emotional, and intellectual development. We prioritize an education-based circle time that is conducive to increasing communication skills, stimulating cognitive growth, creating a sense of community and routine, promoting social-emotional development and building a child’s confidence. 

This program further adopts an art-based foundation through dramatic play, song, dance, and art. Children learn through role play, begin to develop problem solving skills, and are encouraged to learn more about themselves through self-expression.

The Young Adult constructive activities include an expansion of vocabulary through reading, talking, and communication—at this stage our children begin to name colours and understand simple counting. We leave plenty of time for gross motor activities such as running, jumping, climbing, and doing somersaults!

Lastly our teachers include individual checklists, also known as milestone checklists, so our Monkey Ville parents can stay up-to-date on their child’s progress and achievements. 

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