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About Monkey Ville

Our goal at Monkey Ville Child Care is to provide children with a stimulating, nurturing, healthy, and safe environment necessary for their physical, social, intellectual, and emotional well-being.

At our centre, each child is valued as a unique individual with his or her own personality. Every child needs room to grow and experiment. At Monkey Ville, we create opportunities for our children through activities in art, science, circle time, and several other fields.

Our Value

Parent And Staff Relationship

At our centre we believe in having an open communication with the parents. The participation of the parents along with our staff creates an atmosphere of collaboration, unity, and consistency in a childs life. At Monkey Ville, we believe in working as a team with our parents, as it provides the opportunity for parents, children, and teachers to contribute and participate in a creative learning and growth oriented environment for our children. In addition,we are completely open to hearing feedback about the centre, along with any theme suggestions or art ideas our parents may have. Welcome to our family!

Why Monkey Ville

Why Monkey Ville Is The Best Choice

Monkey Ville offers specific programs catered to those children who have the opportunity to interact with one another in the same age group.

We find fun ways to guide the children through hands-on activities, cleaning up, and working as a team; as your child grows up with Monkey Ville, we ensure they learn to be independent without too much assistance as we prepare the older bunch for school enrolment.

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