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Monkey Ville ChildCare is to provide children with a stimulating, nurturing, healthy, and safe environment necessary for their physical, social, intellectual, and emotional well-being.

Swinging Towards A Better Future!

We believe that Child Care is a place for children to enjoy, to be free spirited, and to build on their interpersonal skills. Our mission is to build a fun, exciting and healthy growing environment for all ages. We educate them by practicing hands-on activities and to work in a team with their little colleagues.

Early Childhood  Development

Monkey Ville is your go-to Daycare centre in BC, offering early childhood development programs for children aged 6 months to 5 years. Get in touch with us today, to learn about our programs and what you can expect your children to learn at Monkey Ville.


6 Months to 18 Months

In this program, our staff offers a caring and stimulating environment proposed to meet the needs of every child…


18 Months to 30 Months

This is program focuses on both the physical and mental development of our children…

Kindergarten Prep

3 years to 5 years

In our kinder garden preparation program, children are ready to put their learning caps on.

We Are Your
Parenting Partners!

Monkey Ville is a place where we ensure highest standards of early childhood learning for children aged 6 months to 5 years. Our specialized learning courses and programs is what makes our centre the number one priority of many parents across BC. What’s more is that we have a team of professional caregivers and teachers who are not only experienced, but possess the right knowledge needed to train and teach children to develop new skills in the most crucial years of their lives.

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