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Procedures  COVID -19


Everyone who enters the Child Care Centre is assessed, this includes staff, parents and children.

Staff are required to fill out a checklist that is given to us by Alberta Health. Parents are required to fill out a Covid-19 questionairre which is available on the “hi mama” app.

Upon Arrival 

The staff check the children’s temparature. Before entering the daycare, the children sanitize their hands and put their own belongings away in their assigned cubbies. When they enter the room they wash their hands.

If a child feels sick at the center

The child will be taken to the waiting room and the staff will wait with the child until the parents arrive 

The parents will be called immediately to pick-up the child (within an hour)

Once the child has been picked up, the staff must follow the cleaning and sanitizing protocols to clean the entire room.

The child must get a negative COVID-19 test back or until their symptoms resolve, whichever is longer.

Pre-existing  Health Concerns

The program will keep records of all childrens and staff’s pre-existing health conditions. If a child or staff develops symptoms that relate to allergies, chronic cough etc. they must be tested for COVID-19 to verify that it is not the source of their symptoms. Once they have been tested, they do not need to be retested until new or different symptoms develop.

Probable case at  MonkeyVille Child Care

If there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 at the centre we will follow Alberta Health’s protocols as they link where the virus came from; the following will be implemented.
  • A medical officer will work closely with the centre to link the cases, link any close contacts, and come up with some follow-up procedures for the centre & families.
  • This may resolve in a temporary program closure to allow for contact tracing.

Cleaning and  Disinfecting Procedures

MonkeyVille follows all cleaning and disinfecting procedures given to us by Alberta Health.

  • Clean toy after every use
  • Discontinue of items that cannot be clean properly (ex. dress up, soft furnishing, soft toys, wooden toys etc)
  • No common shared area for children to play together
  • Removing all sensory activities
  • Cleaning all commonly touched hard surfaces frequently
  • Disinfecting and cleaning of washrooms and classrooms throughout day
  • Giving children and staff individual spacing and items
  • Toys that have been in the mouth is immediately removed and sanitized
  • Commonly shared spaces are frequently disinfected between use of cohorts
  • Frequent staff meetings and training on sanitizing and disinfecting

Hygiene Practices  

Every parent, staff and child who enter the centre will be required to use hand sanitizer immediately. And throughout the day we have protocols to follow:
Once the child has entered their classroom, they must wash their hands properly with help and supervision from a staff
Hand sanitizer stations will be distributed throughout the centre
There will be a sink in every classroom
Staff and children will be required to wash their hands throughout the day (ex. before/after eating, before/after activities etc)

Social  Distancing

Social distancing requirements are required for everyone who enters the daycare. We have put some social distancing protocols in place such as
  • Have signs posted to help support and remind everyone of social distancing requirements
  • Have staff social distance from each other in a classroom
  • In the case that social distancing is not an option, you will be required to wear a mask
  • Chldren are social distancing when playing

Proper  PPE

Alberta Health has indicated that masks are a great way to ensure everyone’s safety, this is especially crucial during times of handing out food or when social distancing is not available. We have taken the extra steps to ensure our staff have proper PPE
  • There will be signs up about how to put on/remove a mask properly
  • The staff and parents will have access to new/clean masks
  • The staff have access to gloves