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img I can tell my children like the environment they spend their time in. I frequently visit the centre to take a look at things on my own and I am very glad that every caretaker in Monkey Ville is highly talented and above all patient. Another great thing about them is that I know my child learns new things almost every day. They have a range of co-curricular activities that enhance creativity and also help with social, physical, and cognitive development. img


-Monkey Ville Mom

img Monkey Ville is amazing. My two kids spend time at the daycare and they are learning quite a lot. In the past I had a really bad experience with a daycare in my community. They had a really nice facility, but my children weren’t learning anything and I was also concerned about the way their teachers handled children. After my colleague suggested I check out Monkey Ville, I was really impressed because I know my colleague’s daughter is doing really well there. I am satisfied with this place because I know I can visit my children any time. img


-Monkey Ville Mom

img I was looking for a day care where my child could develop all kinds of skills and that’s exactly what I found in Monkey Ville. My little girl is 2 years old and I have always seen her having a great time. Their physical activities are very interesting and not many day cares offer such growth exercises. I don’t mind if my girl is playing in the mud because I believe it’s important to develop strong cognitive skills. As long as the teachers at the daycare are taking care of my child like their own and helping her develop great skills, I am happy with the place. img


-Monkey Ville Mom

img I find the environment to be very welcoming, safe and cozy. There are lots of learning opportunities and fun games for kids, along with a very well structured ongoing routine, all of which are extremely important to me. This daycare is different from others because they go above and beyond of what is expected, and really take initiative to providing quality care which makes me feel comfortable being at work knowing my children are taken care of, and having fun! img


-Monkey Ville Mom

img Back in December I was scrambling to find a new daycare for my three young children. Through a referral from a friend who told me about Monkey Ville. I was extremely pleased after interacting with Kim and considered myself very lucky to have enrolled my children in the final three spots that had recently opened up. My kids like any have issues during separation and drop off, however, Kim has always been very helpful at this time, distracting them from being upset. Every day at pick up Kim gives me a rundown of the days events for my children, and I feel very well informed on how my kids have been progressing over the past few weeks they have been in her care. When work asks me to start a little early, my drop off and pick up times fluctuate in half hour increments, and Kim has always been flexible with that, which is great. My kids feel very safe and secure with Kim and her staff, especially my twins, who are 18 months now, turn and run in the door without even a bye bye to mommy. Kim and her staff are very kind women, very loving towards my children and the other children in the centre, and are very patient with both children and parents. img


-Monkey Ville Mom

img Monkey Ville ChildCare is a safe and fun environment for learning and interacting. Constantly evolving as a daycare, the staff always ensures that the children’s best interests are kept at the forefront. Business hours really work well with my work schedule. img


-Monkey Ville Mom